Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Kids Big and Small enjoy Princely Treasures

The Gallery has been buzzing the past two weeks with all the children’s school holiday activities. We’ve had Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, LegoArt, Story Telling and a host of craft activities.

Delightful squeals filled the concourse throughout LegoArt, it’s official - kids both big and small are unable to contain their excitement when it comes to 60,000 pieces of white Lego. The competitive streak emerges as one by one each tried to outdo the other by building the tallest tower. I’d watch the delight fill each child’s face as they proudly walked from their station towards the display area, mum and dad cautiously assisting the relocation of their mammoth creations. And then, more often than not, their worst nightmare rears its ugly head and during the journey their tower weakens and comes crashing to the floor. Sheer disappointment fills their faces as mum and dad scramble to save what they can. Disappointment lasted only moments as they soon realised they now have the opportunity to do it all again. And that they did. Once their creations are placed proudly and prominently on display in the concourse, mum and dad encourage them to stand next to their work so their achievement can be duly recorded and shared with other friends and family.

One very proud grandmother came and shared a story with me about her grandson. She said, she was so thrilled that her grandson, who has asperger syndrome, was so eager to participate in LegoArt. She told me, the white Lego offered him a creative outlet, and also helped him to interact with other children, something he has immense difficulty doing. The Lego activity was a wonderful experience for their whole family; in addition they took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Princely Treasures exhibition which added further depth to their entire visit and experience at the Gallery, particularly for her grandson.  

I love seeing the creativity and excitement that Lego creates for children every year. I also encourage all the proud mums and dads to send me some of your LegoArt photographs so I can share them with others and show off your child’s wonderful creations. My email is If you want to know what else is on during Princely Treasures  visit our events listing here.   

Mia-Mae aged 4 creating her own dressed historical lady inspired by the exotic fashions and adornments in Princely Treasures.  

Imogen aged 2 and Xavier aged 4 also dress their figures in beautiful paper gowns which they have created 

Children playing in the Friends of AGWA Princely Treasures Children's Space

The finished Courtly Characters created by grandparents and granddaughter at our Princely Treasures Grandparents Day
Spare Parts Puppetry workshop at our Grandparents Day

Spare Parts Puppetry workshop at our Grandparents Day


  1. Another wonderful activity! With two primary school aged kids, School Holidays can be a nightmare to try and find inexpensive ways of keeping them occupied and me sane! We look forward to lego and your other activities every school holidays.

  2. Even though we missed the Lego bit through bad timing, my 7 and 10 year old boys still enjoyed the exhibition, and the Children's Space where they joined up the magnetic costumes, and even the dress-ups! Thanks for making this such an appealing event to all ages :)

  3. Hi Jean, thank you for your feedback. It's great to hear both you and your children had a great time at the Gallery.