Monday, 31 October 2011

Which Princely Personality are you?

Take our quiz and find out which historical figure you are most like.

In social situations you would describe yourself as:

  1. The quiet one: You like to sit back and let others make the decisions
  2. The wild one: You’re always up for gambling, partying, you name it
  3. The entertaining one: always singing, dancing and making others laugh
  4. The flirty one: You love making others blush, and aren’t shy about letting others know you think they’re cute

Your favourite subject in school was:

  1. History and Geography
  2. Textiles: the only way to inject fabulous fashion into the dreary school days
  3. Drama: you’re a triple threat, and then some
  4. English: you never could get your head out of the books

You find your biggest flaw is:

  1. You lack self confidence
  2. People think you’re shallow and superficial, when you aren’t
  3. People judge you by your family, rather than for yourself
  4. You have trouble committing to people

If we asked, your friends would describe you as:

  1. Cold and serious.
  2. Beautiful and glamorous.
  3. Empathetic and talented.
  4. Ambitious and successful.

In what field would be your dream job?

  1. Education: A teacher or professor
  2. Fashion: a fashion designer, or a model
  3. The arts: signer, actress, or playing an instrument would keep you happy
  4. Big business: CEO, president, something for you ruthless ambition.

Now tally your answers and find out who you would be.

Mostly A’s…

You are the last king of France, King Louis XVI. You resemble Louis XVI, a quiet, intelligent man who lacked the self confidence to be a ruler, preferring the academic pursuits to the political. Mistaken for being cold and hostile, you really are just shy, rather taking a back seat to making the big decisions. That’s not a problem, as long as you don’t reach the same sticky end as Louis XVI did!

Mostly B’s…

You are the glamorous, infamous, party girl herself; Marie Antoinette. You are on the cutting edge of fashion and everything cool, wild and always up for a good time, much like the last queen of France. People sometimes think you’re superficial, but at heart you are sweet and loving, if not a little extravagant.

Mostly C’s…

You are the talented Madame Pompadour, the official mistress of Louis XV. Madame Pompadour and you both share an artistic flair, enjoying the stage, opera, or even playing an instrument. It’s not all about the drama though; both Madame Pompadour and yourself are empathetic to the feelings of those around you, striving hard to win everybody over.

Mostly D’s…

You have a lot in common with the Russian Empress Catherine the Great II. Ambitious and confident, you won’t let obstacles stand in your way. You know what you want and don’t care about what people say, as long as you get it. Your flirty streak sometimes gets you into trouble, but you know its other people’s jealousy that sparks the rumours, and so far from the truth it’s laughable.


  1. Oh dear, I was 2 A's 2 C's and one D so who am I lol!!! Been to the exhibit twice, going again in January. Can't get enough of it.

  2. The last king of France was Louis XVI...not Louis XIV... and actually there were several 'rois des français' after the Révolution française!
    sorry for the comment...

  3. Thanks for your feedback, I've checked the facts and you are very correct it was Louis XVI. Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. @Art Gallery of Western Australia: You're welcome!

    From a French Anonymous

  5. Apparently I emulate the lovely Madame Pompadour... Thank you for such a wonderful exhibition, My multi pass has certainly paid for itself!